Monday, November 01, 2004

There are way too many stop words on Feedster.

There are waaaaaaaaaaaay too many stop words on Feedster. Wonder? 

> Done? Unfortunately? I could understand articles and some
> prepositions, and perhaps forms of "to be" but anything else just
> kills Feedster's usefulness to me. Here's why:
> I do lexical research for the dictionaries I write. Part of that
> involves looking for examples of terms in the wild. This, by
> necessity, depends upon exact phrase searching. I've resigned myself
> to the fact that most search engines suck, that Google indexes only a
> small fraction of weblogs, and that some words are destined to be stop
> words. (The only full-text resource I know of which has no stop words
> is Factiva.) Feedster and other blog indexers take care of some of
> Google's shortcomings, I use a variety of search engines to make sure
> I get a better sample of what can reasonably be called "the web" (as
> opposed to non-web resources which have a web interface but are not
> indexable or searchable except through their usually crappy interfaces).
> But because of Feedster's stop words, I also have to go to Blogdigger,
> or PubSub, or Technorati. Each of these, like Feedster, come up short
> in some way. If Feedster could cut the stop words to about 12, if it
> would do real phrase searching every time (even if it means
> wildcarding stop words, but otherwise retaining the phrase intact, if
> it would actually allow me to see all pages of results, I might be
> able to skip the other blog indexers.
> Thanks, in any case.
> Grant Barrett

Hi Grant,

Wow. What an intelligent email. Thank you. I've taken the liberty of
forwarding it in full to our indexer guru and he and I will be
discussing it later today.


Guys, you seriously need to rewrite your instructions on claiming a feed.

> Guys, you seriously need to rewrite your instructions on claiming a feed.

> First of all, I don't know what claiming a feed means.
> Second of all, I follow your instructions literally (to my knowledge)
> and I have no idea if the end result is successful or not.
> But I think your search engine is cool and useful.
> Right now, all I would like to do is add my picture and email to your
> search listing whenever someone uses your search engine to access my
> blog postings.
> thanks.
> Steve Castellano

Hi Steve,

1. You're right. We do. Here's the beta docs: